(Image: itnet1, “The Wulgaru”)

The wulgaru is an Australian monster. It is described as a large creature made of wood, straw, and stone, with large rocks for eyes and teeth. After being animated by a powerful magician, a wulgaru serves for a time, until it eventually rebels and kills its creator. Although it looks human from a distance, closer inspection shows it is a large, unwieldy mass of wood. It often attempts to prey on children as they play, but its slowness and general stupidity allow smart parents to drive it off before the beast can do any harm (Pearson 54-59).

Because of its magical origins, the wulgaru may warn against the danger of magic, and its killing of its master only strengthens this argument. The wulgaru’s construction from scrap wood, straw, and stone, may give some insight into its meaning. As scraps and leftovers of material, they may show the wulgaru as a partially living creature: with the spark of life, but without a good body to inhabit, which explains the wulgaru’s horrible rage.


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