Witch (Latin American)

(Image: Wick)

Much like those of other continents, Latin American witches are women with a connection to great power and evil. Specifically, Latin American witches have a bond with the devil. They can shapeshift into animals, such as coyotes or birds of prey (Bierhorst 64-65), and often wield powerful magic against those who oppose them. It is never good to get on the bad side of a witch by insulting her or not keeping a promise, and Latin American witches are especially vicious, commanding water spirits to abduct children and stealing livestock from farms disguised as coyotes (Bierhorst 64-65; 188-192).

Latin American witches, much like others, show the power and wisdom that comes with age, but these witches also show the corruption that may come as one grows older. Each Latin American witch has some debt to settle or bone to pick, and they take this out on whoever is the easiest to victimize.


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