The Rainbow Bird

(Image: “Animated Rainbow Phoenix 3D Model”)

Originating from Tanzania, the rainbow bird or magical bird is a gigantic fowl with iridescent feathers of every color. It is not beneficent towards humans, usually stealing their crops and food reserves and attacking their livestock to feed itself. The bird can carry immense loads, but its most interesting ability is its enchanting song. When the creature sings, all the adults who hear it feel their hearts and hands soften, becoming enchanted by the bird and stopping where they are to gaze at it. Children, however, seem to be able to ignore the song, making them able to drive the bird away from a town plagued by it (Mandela 17-20).

The bird’s tendency to steal from humans near its nest can be seen as an explanation for resources being stolen by other animals or by thieves. However, the bird’s song is a very interesting part of its legend. Since it only affects adults, the bird could be an interpretation of something that adults dare not try, while children still do.


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