Keen Keeng

(Image: Shadowulf1, “Keen Keeng”)

The keen keengs of Australian Dreamtime mythology were gigantic humans who flew through the skies. Descending from primordial giants, the keen keengs had two fingers and a thumb on each hand, with ribbed, bat-like wings extending from their thumb down their arm. They lived in high mountain caves, guarding their angry god, which was hungry for human sacrifices. However, by attempting to sacrifice two powerful shamans to the flame god, the keen keengs doomed themselves. When the two shamans escaped, the creatures could not feed their god, and it grew impatient, flattening their mountains and leaving behind only ants (Rose 204-205).

The keen keengs’ tall stature and bat wings differentiate them from humans, but with their human traits, keen keengs are a way to examine human habit from an outsider’s perspective. Conversely, the keen keengs sometimes are shown as stupid monsters to laugh at and despise.


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