Giant (African)

(Image: Numah)

In African mythology, God created giants before all other creatures, later sizing the idea down with humans. They were large enough to use elephant hides as water skins and to eat entire cows for a single meal. These giants were very possessive of water, needing a lot of it, and many human warriors died trying to get water for their village. However, giants eventually disappeared from the land after asking for a blessing from God that did not benefit them, that only sons would be born of giants and only female cows would be born. Soon, the giants found themselves slowly dying, leaving behind only the gigantic rock foundations of their homes and their huge tombs (Yolen 352-353).

The stupidity of the giants in asking for a favor that drove them into extinction can show the recurring theme of the stupidity of huge creatures, which may warn people against being too imbalanced in their skills. In addition, idea of the remnants of the giants’ civilization may help explain some of the natural landmasses of Africa, such as large caves (giant tombs) or fields of large rocks (foundations of a giant’s home).


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