Fearsome Critter

(Image: Blade14)

Early American lumberjacks invented the stories of the fearsome critters. These were creatures that often ruined cutting sessions, or played tricks on loggers (Rose 119). Their names often gave some insight into what sort of mischief they caused, such as the Teakettler, which makes the noise of a teakettle outside (Rose 355). The fearsome critters usually made noises outside of the camp to lure newcomers away, or they messed with the lumberjacks as they worked during the day.

Since the fearsome critters most often make deceiving noises, they must have been invented to explain away any abnormal noises that the creaking trees or night animals made outside of a camp. For instance, the teakettler explained when a tea kettle was heard whistling but there was no tea kettle nearby, but it could just have been some noise of the forest.


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