Eastern Dragon

(Image: Gentry)

The dragons of the East are varied but can be divided into those of Mesopotamia and Egypt and those of China, Japan, and Southeast Asia. Egyptian and Mesopotamian dragons were often sea creatures, malevolent beings that found pleasure in wrecking trading ships and drowning the sailors within. They were all gigantic, with scales that that gave them supernatural strength. If armor was made out of these scales, a human could inherit the dragon’s strength. Apep the Egyptian serpent of the cosmos, fertilized the cosmic egg and released chaos upon the world, and the Babylonian Tiamat was the chaotic ocean that prevented the beginning of the world. These dragons represent chaos and evil in the world (Storm 40-41).

However, the dragons of China, Japan, and Southeast Asia are largely peaceful towards humans, or even helpful. They are also great, scaled creatures, but they are seen as noble for their power over the rain, and therefore life. These dragons are often long, with many pairs of feet along their bodies. They are able to fly through the air by undulating their long bodies. Holding jurisdiction over the use of water in their own district, they can punish those who waste water or bring rain for those who do not have enough (Storm 222-223).


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