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Mainly found in the legends of Islam but sometimes appearing in the stories of other cultures, the Djinn are powerful elemental spirits created by Allah before their eventual rebellion in favor of chaos. They have shapeshifting abilities, preferring a gigantic human form but able to become invisible or change their bodies on a whim. Their disguises, however, always show some element of the djinn inside, such as vertical pupils, hooves, or wings. A djinn has a specific resting place that it guards (Rose 100). For instance, a water djinn might protect a sacred font.

Because of each djinn’s connection to a specific element, they can signify the meaning of that element and the important beliefs tied to it. However, since djinn are driven to evil by their chaotic nature, they also are mischevious tricksters. This element of their personality can also have another meaning in society: not to trust those who are trying to cause chaos.


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