(Image: Hill)

The word Chupacabra made up of the Spanish words chupar (to suck) and cabra (goat), is a Latin American tale of a vampiric creature that drains the blood from livestock. Spread all over Latin America, it has had the most impact in Costa Rica (Hill). The Chupacabra was described as either a reptilian kangaroo with red eyes or as a furless, four-legged dog-like creature. The Chupacabra sucked the bodies of farm animals, especially goats, dry, leaving only the uneaten corpse (Lewis).

Since the Chupacabra is supposed to have been actually sighted, it is difficult to separate fact from fiction about the elusive monster. It leaves the bodies of its victims completely untouched except for a bite hole, which some farmers claim to have discovered on their own dead animals (Gabbatiss). These details may have been faked for publicity, but many people believe they prove the existence of the Chupacabra.


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