(Image: “The Azeman Vampire”)

Originating in Suriname, the azeman almost always takes the form of an alluring female. At night, the azeman puts on a shed-dried animal skin and becomes a type of vampire, attacking her friends and neighbors. There are also several distinct ways to catch an azeman, including laying a broom across the doorway of a room to repel the creature or laying several brooms inside the room. The azeman is obligated to count every bristle of every broom before entering the room, and several brooms will keep her busy until the morning. The same strategy of forcing the azeman to count until morning can be enacted by throwing rice on the floor and forcing her to count the grains. Finally, the azeman can be stopped entirely by peppering the animal skin (Rose 32-33).

One of the most interesting details about the azeman is its need to count tiny details in a room before doing anything else. This helps the story by making it easier for the savvy to stop the azeman, but it also gives the monster a relatable characteristic, needing things to be tidy, blown up to the extreme to make it monstrous. As with many other female monsters, the azeman shows a fear of women’s powers.


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