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(Image: “The Azeman Vampire”) Originating in Suriname, the azeman almost always takes the form of an alluring female. At night, the azeman puts on a shed-dried animal skin and becomes a type of vampire, attacking her friends and neighbors. There are also several distinct ways to catch an azeman, including laying a broom across the […]

Witch (Latin American)

(Image: Wick) Much like those of other continents, Latin American witches are women with a connection to great power and evil. Specifically, Latin American witches have a bond with the devil. They can shapeshift into animals, such as coyotes or birds of prey (Bierhorst 64-65), and often wield powerful magic against those who oppose them. […]

Baba Yaga

(Image: Bilibin) From a Russian folktale, the Baba Yaga is an old crone focused on taking the life force of those more beautiful than her. Often, a Baba Yaga has several magical servants ready to help her with this task, although she does not treat them well and they are quick to rebel if someone might […]