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(Image: “Kappa from Bakemono no e” CC BY-SA 4.0/Cropped) The Kappa, or river child, is a Japanese water monster. Living in any body of water, these small, green monkey-like monsters pulled in those who got too close to the water. They swam using their webbed hands, and the creatures were much stronger than they looked. Kappas […]


(Image: “Shin Yoshiwara ōnamazu yurai”) The Japanese Kami is a gigantic, catfish-like creature that lived in the great ocean and underneath the islands of Japan. When the fish moved, it would cause waves to crest on the shores, and when it swam it caused horrible storms and waves. The great creature was sometimes said to make […]


(Image: Doré) In the mythology and scriptures of the Hebrew and Christian traditions, the Leviathan or Livjatan is a gigantic, primordial creature. Its thick hide makes it invulnerable to almost all weapons and projectiles, and it lived in the ocean, where its anger caused the sea to boil and fish to float up. Alternately, the Leviathan […]

Burach Bhadi

(Image: Own work) A Scottish monster, the burach bhadi or wizard’s shackle is a giant leech with nine eyes on top of its head. Living in shallow, still pools and lochs, it waited for a person or animal to step into the water and attached to their legs, soon pulling them under. The burach bhadi […]


(Image: chip) Hailing from Yorkshire, England, the grindylow is vaguely humanoid with horribly long arms and fingers. Living in deep marshes, it waits for unwary children to wander by and pulls them into the water, drowning and eating them. It was sometimes a scaled, fishlike creature, but other times it had fur. The grindylow also sometimes preys […]

Lake Monster (Alaskan)

(Image: Norman 241) The Alaskan lake monster is most often a giant fish, originating from the stories of the Gwich’in people. It eats all of the fish in its lake and often lures game in to be swallowed by a whirlpool, causing famine in any nearby settlements. Eventually, the residents attempt to drive the fish […]

Kukuweaq (Ten-Legged Polar Bear)

(Image: Shadowulf1, “Kukuweaq”) Kukuweaq is a ten-legged polar bear in the legends of the Barrow Inuit. Living in a large glacier wider at the top than the bottom, it hunts seals and four-legged polar bears and keeps the leftovers in a frigid pool of water in the glacier. Based on one description, the kukuweaq may be […]

The Mother of Sea Beasts

(Image: Norman 213) A tale of the Netsilik Inuit, the mother of the sea beasts was once a young girl that nobody in the tribe cared about. When the tribe began boating to a new island to look for better hunting grounds, the girl was pushed off of the raft. As she tried to pull herself back […]

The Flying Fish

(Image: Paré 124) The Flying Fish was the name given to a sea monster that was said to have washed up three miles onshore of Northeast Italy, between the cities of Venice and Ravenna (Rose 124). It was described as being roughly five feet long and ten feet wide (Paré 123-124), with a large head and […]

Rainbow Serpent

(Image: Fairchild, CC BY-SA 3.0/Cropped) The rainbow serpent is a great snake in the legends of Central and West Africa, Australia, and Haiti, but it is most prevalent in the Dreamtime legends of Australia. It is sometimes represented as a gigantic python with rainbow-colored scales, red and yellow stripes down its body, or a celestial blue hue, […]


(Image: Kittlesen, “Nøkken as a Horse”) A Scottish sea creature, the kelpie or kelpy lives in lochs, fjords, and other deep inlets. It was able to shapeshift into the form of an old man, a young boy, or a strong horse, each form able to fool the unwary passerby in its own way. For instance, a […]


(Image: “Haida double thunderbird 1880.”) The Thunderbird is a great, celestial bird, often associated with rain and storms, found in Native American legends all over North America. The beating of its gigantic wings produces the sound of thunder, and the glance of its shining eyes produces lightning (Rose 359). Although it has different food sources […]


(Image: Melo) A Native American legend, the wendigo, windigo, or wiendigo has three distinct forms across multiple tribes. First, the wendigo is a lost hunter who ate human flesh during a hard winter and transformed into a monster in the tales of the Algonquin people. In the region of Ontario, Canada, it is an aquatic creature with the […]


(Image: Kuniyoshi) Japanese sea devils sometimes wash up on shore after a storm or a fight between the demons that live underwater (Tyler 91-92). Sometimes they are simply found on the beach, but mostly they come out of a wrecked ship that has been beached in a storm. They are eight or nine feet tall, with […]


(Image: Macfarlane) The Bunyip is a legend first conceived by the Native Australians. It is said to be a huge, black-haired, creature with long, clawed limbs. It lives in any stagnant, inland body of water, where it raises its young on the bodies of its victims. If these baby bunyips somehow come into the possession of humans, […]

The Guardian of the Pool

(Image: Foresman) Originating from Central Africa, the Guardian of the Pool is a giant, silver water snake with healing powers. The guardian lives at the bottom of a whirlpool in a fast river. People come to it for help with diseases without knowing that it is a snake, and are scared away by it before […]