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Grassland Monster

(Image: Own Work) The Grassland Monster lived in the windy plains of South Africa. It had only one half of a human body, with monstrously long teeth and limbs, and where the other half of its body should be was dry grass waving in the wind. The monster prowled the grasslands during the day, stealing food […]


(Image: Doré) In the mythology and scriptures of the Hebrew and Christian traditions, the Leviathan or Livjatan is a gigantic, primordial creature. Its thick hide makes it invulnerable to almost all weapons and projectiles, and it lived in the ocean, where its anger caused the sea to boil and fish to float up. Alternately, the Leviathan […]

The Great Horned Beast

(Image: Hawk 25) The Great Horned Beast is a Navajo legend, passed down through the generations as an oral tale. The gigantic creature had two horns on its forehead and one on its nose, as well as armored plates similar to a turtle’s shell to protect its body, with thick fur underneath. The beast caused earthquakes when […]

Giant (Alaskan)

(Image: “The Giantess”) Alaskan Giants, specifically those in the stories of the Point Hope and Netsilik Eskimo, seem to be largely peaceful or even beneficial, despite their great size. They are about as afraid of humans as humans are of them, and prefer to hunt whales and fish and to stay out of human affairs. They […]

Giant (African)

(Image: Numah) In African mythology, God created giants before all other creatures, later sizing the idea down with humans. They were large enough to use elephant hides as water skins and to eat entire cows for a single meal. These giants were very possessive of water, needing a lot of it, and many human warriors […]

Giant (European)

(Image: Perkins 155) The European giant is described as a humongous creature, from four to twenty times the height of a person (Rose 136-139). Unlike the giants of several other cultures, the European giant is most often portrayed as a menace to the people (Rose 138). It often eats precious livestock, stomps crops, and abducts citizens. […]