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The Mother of Sea Beasts

(Image: Norman 213) A tale of the Netsilik Inuit, the mother of the sea beasts was once a young girl that nobody in the tribe cared about. When the tribe began boating to a new island to look for better hunting grounds, the girl was pushed off of the raft. As she tried to pull herself back […]


(Image: Perkins 143) Mainly found in the legends of Islam but sometimes appearing in the stories of other cultures, the Djinn are powerful elemental spirits created by Allah before their eventual rebellion in favor of chaos. They have shapeshifting abilities, preferring a gigantic human form but able to become invisible or change their bodies on […]


(Image: “Haida double thunderbird 1880.”) The Thunderbird is a great, celestial bird, often associated with rain and storms, found in Native American legends all over North America. The beating of its gigantic wings produces the sound of thunder, and the glance of its shining eyes produces lightning (Rose 359). Although it has different food sources […]

Brahmarakshasa / Brahmin Rakshasa

(Image: Chaitnyags, licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0/Cropped) Coming from the Tamil words Brahmin and Rakshas, which mean a person of the upper class and a demon respectively, a brahmarakshasa is a person of great power who committed great sins during his or her life and has been reincarnated as a demon. A brahmarakshasa may have hoarded money and knowledge or […]


(Image: “The Golem”) The golem, originating from Judaism, is an earthen giant that follows commands. According to Jewish stories, a golem can be created by chanting the true name of God over a clay giant, by writing the word “emet” or “truth” on the golem’s head, or by putting a piece of parchment with God’s […]