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(Image: “Shin Yoshiwara ōnamazu yurai”) The Japanese Kami is a gigantic, catfish-like creature that lived in the great ocean and underneath the islands of Japan. When the fish moved, it would cause waves to crest on the shores, and when it swam it caused horrible storms and waves. The great creature was sometimes said to make […]

Giant (Alaskan)

(Image: “The Giantess”) Alaskan Giants, specifically those in the stories of the Point Hope and Netsilik Eskimo, seem to be largely peaceful or even beneficial, despite their great size. They are about as afraid of humans as humans are of them, and prefer to hunt whales and fish and to stay out of human affairs. They […]

The Snake with Seven Heads

(Image: “Hydra Silhouette”) An African folktale, the snake with seven heads is a woman’s husband, transformed by a witch for some perceived treachery. In most stories, the wife somehow disrespects the witch by breaking a promise, although sometimes it is the husband who disrespects the witch. The witch retaliates by cursing the husband, causing him to […]

Rainbow Serpent

(Image: Fairchild, CC BY-SA 3.0/Cropped) The rainbow serpent is a great snake in the legends of Central and West Africa, Australia, and Haiti, but it is most prevalent in the Dreamtime legends of Australia. It is sometimes represented as a gigantic python with rainbow-colored scales, red and yellow stripes down its body, or a celestial blue hue, […]

Eastern Dragon

(Image: Gentry) The dragons of the East are varied but can be divided into those of Mesopotamia and Egypt and those of China, Japan, and Southeast Asia. Egyptian and Mesopotamian dragons were often sea creatures, malevolent beings that found pleasure in wrecking trading ships and drowning the sailors within. They were all gigantic, with scales […]


(Image: “Kitsune”) A famous Japanese legend, the Kitsune is a fox who can turn into a human, or vice versa, among other powers of illusion. It is almost impossible to tell a kitsune from a normal human unless they let some aspect of the fox show through, such as ears or a tail (Don 60-66). Kitsune […]

The Guardian of the Pool

(Image: Foresman) Originating from Central Africa, the Guardian of the Pool is a giant, silver water snake with healing powers. The guardian lives at the bottom of a whirlpool in a fast river. People come to it for help with diseases without knowing that it is a snake, and are scared away by it before […]