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(Image: Hofberg 169) In Norse legend, the Huldra or Huldrer is a type of troll that takes the form of an attractive young person. The Huldra is a female troll, the Huldrer a male one, and Huldre or Huldrefolk covers the entire race of trolls. They look exactly like normal people, except for the long cow tails […]


(Image: “Leshy (1906)”) The leshy or leshii is a Russian forest being. Usually standing as tall as the trees in its forest, the leshy can also shapeshift to become as small as a blade of grass. It knows all of the noises of the forest and can imitate them perfectly, and so is able to […]

Fearsome Critter

(Image: Blade14) Early American lumberjacks invented the stories of the fearsome critters. These were creatures that often ruined cutting sessions, or played tricks on loggers (Rose 119). Their names often gave some insight into what sort of mischief they caused, such as the Teakettler, which makes the noise of a teakettle outside (Rose 355). The fearsome critters […]


(Image: Melo) A Native American legend, the wendigo, windigo, or wiendigo has three distinct forms across multiple tribes. First, the wendigo is a lost hunter who ate human flesh during a hard winter and transformed into a monster in the tales of the Algonquin people. In the region of Ontario, Canada, it is an aquatic creature with the […]

Baba Yaga

(Image: Bilibin) From a Russian folktale, the Baba Yaga is an old crone focused on taking the life force of those more beautiful than her. Often, a Baba Yaga has several magical servants ready to help her with this task, although she does not treat them well and they are quick to rebel if someone might […]