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Keen Keeng

(Image: Shadowulf1, “Keen Keeng”) The keen keengs of Australian Dreamtime mythology were gigantic humans who flew through the skies. Descending from primordial giants, the keen keengs had two fingers and a thumb on each hand, with ribbed, bat-like wings extending from their thumb down their arm. They lived in high mountain caves, guarding their angry […]

The Rainbow Bird

(Image: “Animated Rainbow Phoenix 3D Model”) Originating from Tanzania, the rainbow bird or magical bird is a gigantic fowl with iridescent feathers of every color. It is not beneficent towards humans, usually stealing their crops and food reserves and attacking their livestock to feed itself. The bird can carry immense loads, but its most interesting […]

The Flying Fish

(Image: Paré 124) The Flying Fish was the name given to a sea monster that was said to have washed up three miles onshore of Northeast Italy, between the cities of Venice and Ravenna (Rose 124). It was described as being roughly five feet long and ten feet wide (Paré 123-124), with a large head and […]

Rainbow Serpent

(Image: Fairchild, CC BY-SA 3.0/Cropped) The rainbow serpent is a great snake in the legends of Central and West Africa, Australia, and Haiti, but it is most prevalent in the Dreamtime legends of Australia. It is sometimes represented as a gigantic python with rainbow-colored scales, red and yellow stripes down its body, or a celestial blue hue, […]

Western Dragon

(Image: Perkins 97) The dragon of the western hemisphere is very different from those of the East. Found mainly in the stories of Europe and the Americas, it is described as a sort of giant lizard, with sharp claws and large bat-like wings to help it fly. These dragons often have the ability to breathe […]

Eastern Dragon

(Image: Gentry) The dragons of the East are varied but can be divided into those of Mesopotamia and Egypt and those of China, Japan, and Southeast Asia. Egyptian and Mesopotamian dragons were often sea creatures, malevolent beings that found pleasure in wrecking trading ships and drowning the sailors within. They were all gigantic, with scales […]


(Image: “Haida double thunderbird 1880.”) The Thunderbird is a great, celestial bird, often associated with rain and storms, found in Native American legends all over North America. The beating of its gigantic wings produces the sound of thunder, and the glance of its shining eyes produces lightning (Rose 359). Although it has different food sources […]


(Image: Housen, licensed under CC BY 3.0/Cropped) Sphinxes existed in the mythology of Egypt, the Middle East, and Greece. Although the most well-known sphinx is undoubtedly the great sandstone statue in Egypt, depicted with the body of a lion and head of a pharaoh (Androsphinx), some variants exist, such as one with the head of a […]

Great Flying Head

(Image: itnet1, “The Great Flying Head”) The Great Flying Head is a creature first told of by the Iroquois. According to legend, it is “four times as tall as the tallest man,” with gigantic wings growing from the sides of its head. Its mouth is full of fangs rather than teeth so that it can devour […]