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Keen Keeng

(Image: Shadowulf1, “Keen Keeng”) The keen keengs of Australian Dreamtime mythology were gigantic humans who flew through the skies. Descending from primordial giants, the keen keengs had two fingers and a thumb on each hand, with ribbed, bat-like wings extending from their thumb down their arm. They lived in high mountain caves, guarding their angry […]


(Image: itnet1, “The Wulgaru”) The wulgaru is an Australian monster. It is described as a large creature made of wood, straw, and stone, with large rocks for eyes and teeth. After being animated by a powerful magician, a wulgaru serves for a time, until it eventually rebels and kills its creator. Although it looks human from […]


(Image: “The Golem”) The golem, originating from Judaism, is an earthen giant that follows commands. According to Jewish stories, a golem can be created by chanting the true name of God over a clay giant, by writing the word “emet” or “truth” on the golem’s head, or by putting a piece of parchment with God’s […]