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(Image: “Kappa from Bakemono no e” CC BY-SA 4.0/Cropped) The Kappa, or river child, is a Japanese water monster. Living in any body of water, these small, green monkey-like monsters pulled in those who got too close to the water. They swam using their webbed hands, and the creatures were much stronger than they looked. Kappas […]

The Snake with Seven Heads

(Image: “Hydra Silhouette”) An African folktale, the snake with seven heads is a woman’s husband, transformed by a witch for some perceived treachery. In most stories, the wife somehow disrespects the witch by breaking a promise, although sometimes it is the husband who disrespects the witch. The witch retaliates by cursing the husband, causing him to […]


(Image: Melo) A Native American legend, the wendigo, windigo, or wiendigo has three distinct forms across multiple tribes. First, the wendigo is a lost hunter who ate human flesh during a hard winter and transformed into a monster in the tales of the Algonquin people. In the region of Ontario, Canada, it is an aquatic creature with the […]


(Image: Perkins 210). Were-creatures are any human who, either by their own will or someone else’s, become an animal on certain nights (Clarkson 202-206). Although the most commonly known in popular culture is the were-wolf, many other variations, such as the vicious were-dog of Papua New Guinea with a will of its own to kill and […]