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(Image: Hofberg 169) In Norse legend, the Huldra or Huldrer is a type of troll that takes the form of an attractive young person. The Huldra is a female troll, the Huldrer a male one, and Huldre or Huldrefolk covers the entire race of trolls. They look exactly like normal people, except for the long cow tails […]

Kicking Monster

(Image: Hawk 21) The Kicking Monster, or The Monster Who Kicks People Down the Cliff, is a Navajo tale, and it was one of the first monsters that the Hero Twins slew in their many adventures. The Kicking Monster stood on the highest point of the steep, red sandstone cliffs of Wild Horse Mesa in Mesa […]


(Image: “Leshy (1906)”) The leshy or leshii is a Russian forest being. Usually standing as tall as the trees in its forest, the leshy can also shapeshift to become as small as a blade of grass. It knows all of the noises of the forest and can imitate them perfectly, and so is able to […]

Raw Gums (Graphic Description)

A raw gums in a cradleboard (Image: Own work) The Raw Gums, originating from the legends of the Arapaho Native Americans, was a baby monster. When one is born from unknowing human parents, it does not eat and seems to sleep all hours of the day. However, at night, the baby creeps out without its parents knowing, travels to […]


(Image: “The Azeman Vampire”) Originating in Suriname, the azeman almost always takes the form of an alluring female. At night, the azeman puts on a shed-dried animal skin and becomes a type of vampire, attacking her friends and neighbors. There are also several distinct ways to catch an azeman, including laying a broom across the […]


(Image: Own work) Not to be confused with Ereshkigal, the Mesopotamian goddess of the underworld, the ereshigal is a hybrid monster from Sumerian mythology. Based on a cuneiform text, the creature had the body of a fish, the hindquarters and legs of a dog, the upper body of a woman, and the head of a young […]


(Image: Perkins 143) Mainly found in the legends of Islam but sometimes appearing in the stories of other cultures, the Djinn are powerful elemental spirits created by Allah before their eventual rebellion in favor of chaos. They have shapeshifting abilities, preferring a gigantic human form but able to become invisible or change their bodies on […]

Western Dragon

(Image: Perkins 97) The dragon of the western hemisphere is very different from those of the East. Found mainly in the stories of Europe and the Americas, it is described as a sort of giant lizard, with sharp claws and large bat-like wings to help it fly. These dragons often have the ability to breathe […]

Eastern Dragon

(Image: Gentry) The dragons of the East are varied but can be divided into those of Mesopotamia and Egypt and those of China, Japan, and Southeast Asia. Egyptian and Mesopotamian dragons were often sea creatures, malevolent beings that found pleasure in wrecking trading ships and drowning the sailors within. They were all gigantic, with scales […]

Rakshasi (Devil)

(Image: Upadhya, licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0/Cropped) Indian ogresses, or rakshasi, are cunning and strong, invulnerable to most attacks. With shapeshifting abilities, they often appear as beautiful women to trick unlucky men into marrying them. A rakshasi has an unquenchable thirst for blood and raw meat, leading to tricked husbands realizing that their wife is a […]


(Image: Hill) The word Chupacabra made up of the Spanish words chupar (to suck) and cabra (goat), is a Latin American tale of a vampiric creature that drains the blood from livestock. Spread all over Latin America, it has had the most impact in Costa Rica (Hill). The Chupacabra was described as either a reptilian kangaroo with red […]