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(Image: itnet1, “The Yara-Ma-Ya-Who”) The Yara-Ma-Ya-Who is a monster in the Dreamtime legends of Australia. It is described as a small, red creature with a large stomach, wide jaws, and sticky tentacles. The Yara-Ma-Ya-Who uses its tentacles to suspend itself in the branches of a tree, waiting for someone to pass underneath. When an unsuspecting child comes […]


(Image: “The Azeman Vampire”) Originating in Suriname, the azeman almost always takes the form of an alluring female. At night, the azeman puts on a shed-dried animal skin and becomes a type of vampire, attacking her friends and neighbors. There are also several distinct ways to catch an azeman, including laying a broom across the […]

Burach Bhadi

(Image: Own work) A Scottish monster, the burach bhadi or wizard’s shackle is a giant leech with nine eyes on top of its head. Living in shallow, still pools and lochs, it waited for a person or animal to step into the water and attached to their legs, soon pulling them under. The burach bhadi […]

Rakshasi (Devil)

(Image: Upadhya, licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0/Cropped) Indian ogresses, or rakshasi, are cunning and strong, invulnerable to most attacks. With shapeshifting abilities, they often appear as beautiful women to trick unlucky men into marrying them. A rakshasi has an unquenchable thirst for blood and raw meat, leading to tricked husbands realizing that their wife is a […]


(Image: Hill) The word Chupacabra made up of the Spanish words chupar (to suck) and cabra (goat), is a Latin American tale of a vampiric creature that drains the blood from livestock. Spread all over Latin America, it has had the most impact in Costa Rica (Hill). The Chupacabra was described as either a reptilian kangaroo with red […]